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Starting a small business

Starting a small business has never being easier!

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So, you have a great idea. A skill. A product you know the world might just rave about. You’ve dreamt about it long and hard. You have a burning desire to be a small business owner. You want to run your own show.

But… there’s a few small things standing in your way.

You have the confidence. You have the idea. You’ve sorted the funds. You’ve made some relatively large steps towards pursuing your dream.

Something stands in your way and try as you might to dodge, duck, run away from and ignore, you can’t escape this one niggling thing.

It’s a fact. Before people buy from you or hire you for services, they want to check you out online. They want to get to know you, see your products and services, hear about all you have to offer and check out what other people think of you.

It’s not stalking. It’s not an invasion of privacy. It’s the lay of the land in today’s day and age. The better your website communicates, conveys and shares the story of you and your business, the more likely you are to attract new clients or make more sales.

As a business owner you might have a flare for something really unique. For some it’s coaching, or creating works of art, selling a product, providing a service or coming up with brilliant ideas for other businesses. Your business will be uniquely yours, made possible by your skills, passion and drive.  Your website should be an extension of this, it should reflect you, portray you and ultimately sell you like a 24/7 shop front that you don’t have to man.

We hear you though.

You’re not a web designer. You don’t know how to write. You can’t code. Your design skills are naught. You just want to do what you do best; can’t someone else do the rest?


You have a great business idea.  You have great skills. You provide a brilliant product.

You deserve to succeed.

Your small business needs a website.

That’s where we meet your needs.

We design small business websites perfect for those starting a small business. Locally in Melbourne, for love… and a little bit of money.

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