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Starting a home based business

How often have we all dreamt of working from home in our pyjamas?

No awkward conversations with weird colleagues in the tea room. No peak hour public transport or sitting in traffic. None of that time spent thinking ‘I could be sleeping, or at the gym, or actually doing real work,’ while you’re trapped inside your transport of choice.

Starting a home based business takes the commute out of the equation.

We know you’ve probably dreamt of that kind of bliss many times.

There’s probably little need for more incentive.

Working from home sounds like something dreams are made of.

So, before you go trying to think of reasons not to do it, let us do that for you…

You’re going to want to know, how will anyone find me at home?

Or, maybe you don’t want anyone to find you at home.  eCommerce and the rise and rise (and rise) of the digiage mean you, your business and your product can be found without you having to be found, in a physical sense, at all.

Crazy-good for some and crazy-scary for others. Importantly, for everyone, it’s crazy-jam-packed-full of opportunities.

A great website can function as a 24/7 shopfront.

A comprehensive website can mean that you don’t need a bricks and mortar location. As a matter of fact, you can work from anywhere you want. You could be lazing on a beach in Bali, amongst the clouds in the Andes, surrounded by snowy slopes in Switzerland or from the comfort of your own lounge room (maybe with a little Netflix for background noise!).

We know you didn’t come down in the last rain shower (and given we are based in Melbourne and Auckland we know plenty about rain!). You’ve probably already heard plenty of stories about businesses, large, small, home based or otherwise who have had a bad experience with either trying to set up their own website or hiring someone else to do it for them.

One thing we know is that it shouldn’t be hard.

We also know that when people choose to start home based businesses they often do so with only a small budget.

This is okay too, because given the awesome job they do of being the shopfront of your business, websites cost considerably less than bricks and mortar. They also don’t need heating, lighting or a neon sign (although we can incorporate one of those if you like!) You can pretty much do everything with your website… except maybe live in it, but we are working on that!

The first step in starting a home based business looks like this: Build a digital shop front. We build and design websites. Locally, with love and at a bazillionth of the cost of a renting a shop. Promise. 

We build websites for love, and a little bit of money.  


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